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Kendall Jenner Seeks Protection from ‘Weird Fan’ Who Wants To ‘Marry’ Her

Kendall Jenner is getting a weird kind of proposal from a fan, and she’s made it very clear she’s not cool with it.

The KUWTK star has being flooded with letters from a certain Thomas Hummel who claimed to love her at first, but then turned bitter and angry (over unrequited love, perhaps), and she now thinks he’s dangerous.

Documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Hummel, a California man, has been incessantly professing his love for her since February.

His unabashed overtures reportedly got the attention of Kendall’s security who warned him in March to stay away. But a few weeks later he returned to his old ways and started writing again, this time with a much darker tone.

It is understood that Hummel started insulting Kendall and her mother, Kris Jenner. Documents claim he called Kendall “an internet whore, cackling your way through life.” He continued … “You look like you’ve been f***ing AHOLE Dog Sh**t in the sewer for years.” He also accused Kris of paying A$AP Rocky — or as he puts it, “AHOLE Rockhead” — to sleep with Kendall.

It gets more bizarre as Hummel mentions remembering Kendall from the post office in 2008 and Costco in 1998 and falling in love with her then: she would have been 13 and 3 years old at those times.

His efforts got rewarded as Kendall ran to court to request a restraining order against him, and the judge granted it. Henceforth Hummel must cease all contact and stay at least 100 yards away from ‘love interest’.

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